More New Banksy

Guess he’s been busy…From Daily Mail : “Banksy pulled off an audacious stunt to produce what is believed to be his biggest work yet in central London.  The secretive graffiti artist managed to erect three storeys of scaffolding behind a security fence despite being watched by a CCTV camera.  Then, during darkness and hidden behind a sheet of polythene, he painted this comment on ‘Big Brother’ society.

Yesterday the scaffolding gang returned to remove all evidence – again without the camera operator stopping them.  The work, above a Post Office yard in Newman Street near Oxford Circus, shows a small boy, watched by a security guard, painting the words: ‘One nation under CCTV.’  Andrew Newman, 35, a businessman from Dulwich, who works locally, said: ‘It was only on Sunday morning that the Post Offices guys realised what had happened.”


1 Response to “More New Banksy”

  1. 1 13paints April 17, 2008 at 11:47 am

    i saw this the other day and was thinking youd put it up.. banksy is slick, it seems ridiculously complicated to do a piece like that. before getting to part in the article where they infer someone turned their head, i was thinking of ways he could have done it. switching video tapes etc, etc. i mean he didn’t rob a casino, he pasted paper on the side of a building (granted it was a lot of paper).

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