Lil Wayne Blender/Cover Feature

Weezy’s on the cover of the September issue of Blender.  The cover story is dope, offering a real in depth look into the mind of Dwayne Carter.  The article is kind of long, but definitely worth the read.  Check the whole interview here.

Here are some excerpts from the interview…

The Hustle: “It’s a faucet I can’t turn off, I can try and ignore it, but I can’t ever turn it off. And I gotta keep going, ’cause I still don’t have the crown. Someone else just won Best Male Hip-Hop Artist at the BET Awards. Why not me? Huh? That tells me I’m not going hard enough. That tells me I’ve done something wrong.”

Real Life: Spotting Gremlins, Rush Hour 3, and E.T. DVDs on his coffee table, I ask him what other ways he wastes time. “I don’t waste time,” he responds. Hewatches TV, but has no patience for anything besides the ESPN lineup. ” I don’t watch anything where they go ‘action’ and ‘cut’ cause that means its not real. If I wanna see some acting, I can get 15 naked bitches to act out a scene. I’m a real life nigga. Life’s too short for me to die tomorrow and the only thing I know about is the last episode of Law and Order.”

Mama Said: “I wasn’t ever no action-figure kid, if I wanted to fight, I’d fight for real.” Wayne thanks his mother, Cita Carter, for this mentality. A tough-as-nails chef, she raised him by herself, teaching him early on how to act like a man. When he was in junior high, she gave him his first Glock, with instructions to empty it into the first guy that messed with him.


1 Response to “Lil Wayne Blender/Cover Feature”

  1. 1 Kamil August 6, 2008 at 3:20 pm

    Yo this article is tight…never heard Weezy baby speak like this B4…Plus they got this exclusive new track Weezy made just for this issue…The shit is nice!!

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