Jeff Koons at the Palace of Versailles

“In September, one of the worlds highest-paid living artist, Jeff Koons, will invade the Palace of Versaille and (controversially) install up some of his best-known works around the chateau and gardens. The 52-year-old artist will exhibit 12 to 15 of his works, including Hanging Heart (Magenta/Gold), which sold in 2007 for $23.7 million, his highly recognizable Balloon Dog (Magenta), and his 1986 chrome steelRabbit. Versaille’s President Jean-Jacques Aillagon, who previously managed the Palazzo Grassi, Pinault’s contemporary-art museum in Venice, has announced that the show will go from September 10 until December 14.”

Via ArtObserved


1 Response to “Jeff Koons at the Palace of Versailles”

  1. 1 kli-ma August 14, 2008 at 4:07 am

    Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst — big business – entertainment showbiz
    art? you are kidding, but they call it art for making the public feel good ,and for tax reasons. It is so much fun to fool the masses.

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