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The Hana Table – Shige Hasegawa


The Hana Table, by Japanese designer Shige Hasegawa, features a unique construction which allows the top of the table to rest perfectly on 5 identical supports without the use of screws or nails.  When assembled, the legs fit together to form a flower pattern resulting in a beautiful and simplistic coffee table.  

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Nigo’s Mercedes Benz AMG 300SL


First off, sorry for the lack of posts as of late…the blog kind of took a back seat to some other stuff I had going on.  Anyways, I’ma try and get back into the swing of things and post as often as I can…

Now that that’s out of the way – peep Nigo’s (A Bathing Ape) new Benzo!

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The Cloud Chair – Richard Hutten


Dutch designer Richard Hutten recently produced the Cloud Chair, a unique seating option cast from nickel-plated aluminum featuring a cloud-like shape.  

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The Ribbon Bench – Lambie Chan


The Ribbon Bench, by Chinese designer Lambie Chan, is made from rich Australian hardwood twisted to produce a ribbon-like effect.  

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Brick Chair – Pepe Heykoop

Designed by Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop, the Brick Chair is made out of children’s toy blocks.  Definitely cool looking but I wonder how comfortable it is?  Probably more of a show piece than anything…

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The Coat Chair – Fredrik Färg


The Coat Chair, by Swedish designer Fredrik Färg, takes inspiration from the world of menswear utilizing a collar-like back, which can be flipped up or down (just like the collar of your coat) depending on the users preference, in addition to cuff-link fasteners which bind the felt upper to the veneer base.  

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Tropicalia Seating Collection – Patricia Urquiola

Taking a rather simple idea, woven seats and backs on a simple steel frame, Patricia Urquiola pushes the envelope by utilizing interesting shapes, materials and colors to produce a design all her own.  Brightly colored thermo-plastic polymer were used on outdoor versions of the chair, while woven leathers were used for interior seating.

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